Connelly-McKinley Crematorium


Connelly-McKinley Funeral Homes are specialists in cremation.To make certain that proper cremation procedures are followed at all times, we have established our own crematorium. This ensures that your loved one never leaves our care, giving us all peace of mind.

Respect for religious doctrine, traditions and customs
Working with the family's pastor, minister or spiritual leader, we make sure that religious guidelines are strictly followed.

World-class standards
Connelly-McKinley Funeral Homes Crematorium is operated by highly trained operators. We strictly adhere to a Cremation Code of Ethics and are members of the ICCFA (International Cemetery, Cremation and Funeral Association). Our state-of-the-art crematoriums are maintained to the highest possible standards.

Family attendance at the crematorium
Some families may wish to be present at the crematorium for a final goodbye, which many see as no different from being present for the graveside service at a cemetery. We are always honoured to accommodate this request.

If you have specific questions regarding cremation please feel free to contact us