DVD Tributes

► Why have a DVD tribute?
A DVD tribute is a wonderful way to honour your loved one. It can be played during a funeral service or memorial reception to help personalize this difficult yet special day of celebration for your loved one's life. After the funeral, it can be handed down to future generations of family members and cherished as a precious keepsake for years to come.

► Can we produce our own DVD tribute as a family?
Yes. We can accommodate tributes made by the family in any of our three Funeral Homes; however, tributes must be brought in ahead of time for testing as they may require a conversion service by our technicians to ensure that the DVD will play properly on our theatre system.

With the permission of your pastor or minister, you may produce and play your own DVD tribute for any service held at a church.

Please speak to your Funeral Director overseeing your loved one’s funeral to learn more about converting a “home-produced" tribute for playback on our chapels' theatre systems.

► How do I get started? 
Please ask your Funeral Director for a copy of our DVD Tribute form to help guide you in gathering and organizing the materials for your tribute.

► How long does it take to produce a DVD tribute?
We request a minimum of 2 days, but arrangements can be absolutely made to complete the tribute in less time if necessary.

► How much media do I need to produce a DVD tribute? 
We include up to 75 photos in our DVD tribute package and recommend 8-10 minutes of music. You will need less music with less photos and may need more music if there are more photos. Songs can also be cropped down if they are longer in length to create a better flow in your tribute.

► What type of photos can I use to create my video tribute? 
You can use black and white or colour, in both digital and/or actual photo format. We also have the ability to scan slides and negatives. 
We do require that all photos be removed from frames and/or photo albums.  

► Can I play the DVD tribute at home?
Yes, you can. Our DVD tributes are professionally produced and are compatible with all models of DVD players made for use within North America.
If you wish to send a copy overseas, please advise your Funeral Director of which country it will be sent to so that they can make arrangements for production of an international version.